About us

Prkl. Digital Finance

PRKL is an abbreviation of something said here in the north when we need strength to go for the extra mile. It resembles perseverance to make it through challenging times. Everyone who has been in crypto during recent years has had the prkl mentality. We will all make it, because we believe that decentralization will change finance for good.

Our reason to exist was to become the most trusted cardano stake pool operator. Those with a long term view in Cardano can trust that our pool will not go away. With us, you can stake and forget knowing that you will get the most out of your ADA.

Prkl. Digital Finance is a LLC registered in Finland. At the moment, we provide Cardano staking services only.

Tuomas Pigg (CEO) is in the process of doing his bachelor`s degree from accounting and finance in the University of Turku. He worked his way up in the local company Profea LLC (400k€ turnover) and has currently been the CEO of it for nearly 2 years. He has been a blockchain enthusiast since mid 2017. Tuomas is responsible for all non-IT operations of PRKL. Digital Finance.

For a long time I`ve wanted to get more involved within the blockchain industry and I saw a perfect chance to do that by running a stake pool. I am confident that Cardano will be among the successful blockchains that will change the world as we know it and therefore I most defitinitely want to do my part in this revolution. Please join us and stake your ada within our pool and lets change the world together epoch by epoch and tree by tree.

IT operations are run by an IT professional with computer science degree, who wishes to stay anonymous for security reasons.