Dec. 2020
Started company operations and designed server infrastructure. We chose Google Cloud as our server provider because of their quality, reliability and available locations. We were able to setup the nodes in Finland according to our Nordic brand. We could also increase Cardano network's decentralization, as too many nodes are located around Germany and the Western Europe. Our top-tier servers have a 99.5 % guaranteed uptime and in practice close to 99.9 %. We are paying for quality and you will get quality.

ETA for the charity announcement: January 2021
The thing that separates us from other pools is the charity we support. We offer the easiest way to reduce your CO2 foot print. Simply delegate your ADA to our pool and you are good to go! When we have finalized the plans with our chosen charity, we plan to make a calculator where you can follow how many trees have been planted with YOUR stake. We will provide proof of payments periodically. At the start, we donate 50 % of our profits, but this number can be adjusted later.

2021 Become one of the most trusted and well known Cardano stake pools.